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Account Manager, Accounts (Healthcare) Healthcare Permanent, Full-time
About Accounts (Healthcare) Globally, technological advancements are disrupting the way people seek healthcare and extend their health span. Firms across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology and digital health sectors are re-inventing their products and services, as well as business and delivery models. As part of EDB’s continuous efforts to grow the healthcare industry, we are looking to hire experienced professionals to develop compelling propositions and engage leading companies to anchor global and regional activities in Singapore. This contributes to EDB’s overall vision, for Singapore to be the choice location in Asia where healthcare companies innovate new products, services, business and delivery models, and manufacture for the regional and global market. You will be managing a portfolio of identified corporate clients, and lead in developing industry-wide initiatives and value propositions. This is an individual contributor role and you will report to the Senior Vice President, Healthcare.
Project Officer, Human Resources & Organisation Development (1 year contract) Human Resources & Org Development Contract, Full-time
You will be part of a dynamic Human Resources & Organization Development team that formulates and implements people initiatives to support business strategies and maximize the potential of our employees.
Lead/ Senior Lead, Product Development and Management Singapore Global Network Permanent, Full-time, Permanent
About SGN The Singapore Global Network (SGN) is a division in the Economic Development Board tasked to re-energise Singapore’s efforts in building a strong and extensive ecosystem of overseas Family, Friends, Fans (3F) for Singapore. SGN leads the Whole-Of-Government effort to coordinate across agencies and strengthen our collective networks whose skills, affinity and influence could help build linkages to global business and talent communities, and enhance the international mindshare of Singapore as a leading globally-connected city.
Manager, Central COVID-19 Operations (Travel Facilitation) on 1 year contract Accounts Others Contract, Full-time, Contract
The Travel Facilitation team in EDB is responsible for the administration of appeal and approval for entry to Singapore for business travel and monitoring of itinerary in Singapore. You will work closely with the overall Central Covid-19 Operations (CCO) team that is coordinating EDB’s response to COVID-19 related issues, colleagues in EDB and external stakeholders (e.g. company executives and officers from other government agencies). You will report to the Assistant Vice President in the CCO team.
Account Manager, Accounts (Semiconductors) Semiconductors Permanent, Full-time, Permanent
About Accounts (Semiconductors) The team partners key companies in the Semiconductors sector to develop and implement strategies in their pursuit of new business opportunities in Singapore for the region and/or globally. We pride ourselves on the sustained long-term relationships between Singapore and key multinational companies; we bring insights about the industry and Singapore. We work closely with various teams in EDB and external stakeholders to provide solutions and secure the establishment of project investments. We forge networks across the sector and with the larger business community/ ecosystem. More importantly, the team’s hard work is translated to valuable business and job opportunities for Singapore. You will be managing a portfolio of identified corporate clients and report to the Senior Vice President and Head, Accounts (Semiconductors).
Manager / Senior Manager, Covid Audit and Inspection on 1-year contract contract Accounts Others Contract, Full-time, Contract
The Audit and Inspection team in EDB is responsible for the central planning, management and coordination of audit and inspection activities for Marine and Process industrial worksites. These worksites include but are not limited to shipyards, energy and chemical plants and facilities, process construction and manufacturing fabrication and staging sites. You will work closely with the Central Covid-19 Operations team that is coordinating EDB’s response to COVID-19 related issues, as well as colleagues in EDB (e.g. Accounts Group, Human Capital Division) and officers from other government agencies. You will report to the Vice President overseeing the Audit and Inspection team.
Senior Associate / Manager, Human Resources Division (Talent Performance & Rewards) Human Resources & Org Development Permanent, Full-time
The Talent Performance & Rewards team is critical in driving performance and total rewards management in EDB, to build a high-performing and effective organisation. This includes designing performance management structures and total rewards schemes to attract, groom and retain talent, and ensuring the smooth administration of payrolls and staff benefits across the levels.
Senior Associate/ Manager, Contact Singapore Contact Singapore Permanent, Full-time, Permanent
Contact Singapore engages entrepreneurs and business owners who are interested in relocating to and investing in Singapore. Whether creating new businesses or expanding businesses in Singapore, we connect entrepreneurs and business owners with relevant partners to facilitate their decisions in establishing strategic activities in Singapore.
Senior Associate / Manager, Business Environment Business Environment Permanent, Full-time, Permanent
The Business Environment (BE) Division plays an instrumental role in supporting EDB’s role in planning and executing policies that enhance Singapore’s position as a global centre for business, innovation and talent. In this role, you will have the opportunity to engage with the business community, and work with various government agencies and internal divisions to develop incentive products, policy governance and competitiveness monitoring, and business process re-engineering and systems development.
Manager/ Senior Manager, Platform Engineer DevOps (1 year contract) Information Technology Contract, Full-time
The Senior Platform Engineer envisions, designs, implements, tests, and rolls out platforms to host applications, systems, programmes and database protocols in support of end users’ needs. He/She defines innovative approaches to platform development and integration of security aspects as part of the software development lifecycle. With his/her vast experience in the various automation tools for developing DevOps pipeline (CI/CD), he/she develops prototypes, creates software tools for tests and automation, and evaluates latest best practices. He/She applies structured thinking to develop solutions and is creative and innovative in designing new and improved platforms and approaches. He/She is a strong team player, who communicates effectively with others and guides junior members in the team. The official title for this role would be Software Engineer.
Senior Associate / Manager, New Businesses (Strategy Group) New Businesses Permanent, Full-time, Permanent
The position is an individual contributor role. The candidate will be responsible for charting the development of specific growth sectors and ensuring close collaboration with relevant EDB divisions on the organization’s innovation process. The candidate is also expected to advise on innovation processes to enhance organizational excellence in identifying and growing new industries.
Senior Associate / Manager, Innovation Innovation Growth Engine Permanent, Full-time, Permanent
As the lead government agency in charting Singapore’s overall economic development, EDB has a key role in defining what an innovation-led economy looks like for Singapore and formulating the strategies toward it. The Innovation division in EDB is responsible for galvanising collective ambition within EDB and across the whole of government to chart the course toward enabling its development. As part of the team, you will have the opportunity to work with local and global innovation actors and strengthen Singapore’s existing value propositions and develop new ones as a location with the best-in-class innovation ecosystem globally.
Project Manager - ITD Project Management (Marketing/Sales/Service) (1+1 year contract) Information Technology Contract, Full-time
The primary purpose of the project management role is to lead, oversee and ensure the successful delivery and management of single or multiple projects (comprising a program) within scope, quality, time and cost constraints that may be clearly defined or may require dynamic change management. The position also includes coordinating projects and resource management within the program, stakeholder and sponsor communications, reporting, and engagement. The projects will be mostly applications in nature. This is an individual contributor role.
Senior Associate / Manager, Resource Development Resource Development Permanent, Full-time
The Resource Development Division (RDD) works as a team with internal stakeholders (e.g. Accounts Group) and external stakeholders (e.g. private companies and other government agencies) to develop policies and products that promote competitive and sustainable use of resources (such as energy, utilities and land) and physical infrastructure for industrial development. There are 2 departments in RDD – Energy and Land & Utilities: (i) The Energy department is responsible for galvanizing climate action within the industry. The department manages trade-offs across industrial sectors and promotes the adoption of energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions abatement measures amongst industrialists. (ii) The Land & Utilities department is responsible for forward planning Singapore’s industrial land needs and utilities, and focuses on ensuring competitive pricing and future readiness. The person in this role may hold a dual portfolio across these 2 departments.
Recruiter, Human Resources Division (1-year contract) Human Resources & Org Development Contract, Full-time
We are now seeking a Recruiter to identify and assess talent that would have a direct impact on a dynamic and great organisation. You would partner closely with our hiring divisions to provide guidance on addressable talent pools and market conditions, create customised sourcing strategies, build pipelines and source top candidates for required roles.
Project Officer, Digital Industry Singapore (1 year contract) DISG Contract, Full-time, Contract
In this role, you will be part of the Planning team within DISG. You will have an overview of DISG’s desired outcomes and acquire a strong understanding of our product management systems and processes. You will work closely with a diverse group of officers across EDB, ESG and IMDA on incentive administration, and will consolidate industry insights on a quarterly basis. You will also have the opportunity to develop presentations for internal and external audiences.
Senior Associate / Manager, Professional Services Programme Office (Strategy Group) Hub Services Growth Engine Permanent, Full-time, Permanent
You will be part of an inter-agency office set up by the Economic Development Board (EDB), Ministry of Law (MinLaw), Ministry of Finance (MOF) and Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to develop and promote high growth areas which intersect legal, accounting and financial services. The office reports to an Executive Committee that is co-Chaired by Managing Director of EDB, Deputy Secretary of MinLaw, Deputy Secretary of MOF and Deputy Managing Director of MAS.
AVP/ Senior Account Manager, Singapore Businesses Singapore Businesses Permanent, Full-time
About Accounts Group (Singapore Businesses) Our mission is to grow a portfolio of Singapore companies who are globally competitive, to strengthen the capabilities of the Singapore economy and provide both direct and indirect benefits in terms of business opportunities and jobs for Singapore. We focus on large Singapore companies (more than $500m in revenues) who have significant revenue and profit growth ambitions and commitment to invest in differentiating capabilities to compete and win on the global stage. You will be managing a portfolio of identified clients, reporting to the Senior Vice President and Head, Accounts (Singapore Businesses). This is an individual contributor role. In terms of the ideal candidate, we are looking for a senior profile who either have experience in the (1) Marine & Offshore or Renewable Energy sectors OR (2) making investment decisions/recommendations on a portfolio of companies or specific projects
IT Security & Compliance Engineer/Senior Engineer (1 year contract) Information Technology Contract, Full-time, Contract
You'll be part of the IT Information Security and Risk Management team, the IT Security engineer will support Cyber and Data security programs, IT security operations, IT compliance and risk management to protect the organization’s systems, business applications and data against cyber threats. Focusing on Cyber and Data Security domain, you'll facilitate and support the assessment, implementation and operations of Cyber and Data security program. IT security operations - you'll support the daily operations, security incident response, security testing, security awareness and trainings to better protect the organizations datasets and enhancement of security posture. IT compliance and risk management - you'll support the facilitation of audits and risk assessments of IT systems. Ensuring security compliance, the management and maintaining of effective cyber and data security procedures.
Senior Associate/ Manager, Customer Experience and Marketing (Content Marketing) Customer Experience & Marketing Permanent, Full-time
The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), a government agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry, is responsible for strategies that enhance Singapore’s position as a global centre for business, innovation, and talent. We undertake investment promotion and industry development, and work with international businesses, both foreign and local, by providing information, connection to partners and access to government incentives for their investments. Our mission is to create sustainable economic growth, with vibrant business and good job opportunities for Singapore. For more information on EDB, please visit www.edb.gov.sg

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