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Manager, International Marketing (USA), Customer Experience and Marketing (Based in San Francisco Bay Area) Customer Experience & Marketing Permanent, Full-time, Permanent
The EDB is a Singapore government agency that helps multinational companies set up and expand in Singapore, with the aim of growing our economy and creating good jobs. The USA has been a strong source of foreign investments in Singapore, and through marketing, we intend to grow this exponentially. EDB’s International Marketing team in the USA is responsible for raising awareness of Singapore in the business community and generating new investment leads in growth sectors such as tech, agri-food, and others. We do this by implementing paid media campaigns; forming event and content partnerships with “multipliers” such as consultancies, business advisory firms, and venture capital (VC) firms; and creating content for EDB’s owned social and online channels. We’ve only existed for six months, and there is room for improvement, experimentation, and growth. If marketing a country sounds like your kind of challenge, let’s talk.
Senior Associate, Healthcare and Wellness (1 year contract) Health & Wellness Contract, Full-time, Contract
About Healthcare Group Globally, technological advancements are disrupting the way people seek healthcare and extend their health span. Firms across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology and digital health sectors are re-inventing their products and services, as well as business and delivery models. As part of EDB’s continuous efforts to grow the healthcare industry, we develop compelling propositions and engage leading companies to anchor global and regional activities in Singapore. This contributes to EDB’s overall vision, for Singapore to be the choice location in Asia where healthcare companies innovate new products, services, business and delivery models, and manufacture for the regional and global market.
Senior Associate / Manager, Professional Services Programme Office (Strategy Group) Hub Services Permanent, Full-time, Permanent
You will be part of an inter-agency office set up by the Economic Development Board (EDB), Ministry of Law (MinLaw), Ministry of Finance (MOF) and Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to develop and promote high growth areas which intersect legal, accounting and financial services. The office reports to an Executive Committee that is co-Chaired by Managing Director of EDB, Deputy Secretary of MinLaw, Deputy Secretary of MOF and Deputy Managing Director of MAS.
Senior Associate, Environmental Sustainability Energy,Chem&Materials IndustryDevelopment Practice Permanent, Full-time, Permanent
The Environmental Sustainability division in EDB charts the vision and strategy for Singapore to transit to a low-carbon economy and leverage environmental sustainability trends as a growth engine. We also develop and execute national and ecosystem-level strategies to improve Singapore’s competitiveness in energy, chemicals and materials, and identify new growth opportunities in these industries. To achieve this mission, we undertake research, analysis and solutions development in close partnership with others teams in EDB, as well as external stakeholders in government and industry.
Senior Associate / Manager, Client Facilitation (Post-Sales) Investment Facilitation Permanent, Full-time
We are looking for a Senior Associate/Manager, Client Facilitation, who will attend to EDB customers’ post-sales requests, such as amendments of incentive awards, disbursements of grants and facilitation with government agencies on customers’ requests for assistance, so as to ensure that companies are able to operate competitively and continue to grow from Singapore.
Vice President, Public Affairs Public Affairs Permanent, Full-time, Permanent
You will lead a dynamic team managing EDB’s corporate reputation to conceive, develop and implement strategies to manage corporate reputation and position EDB and the various industries under EDB’s mandate. We are looking for a Vice President with a global outlook and extensive experience in the public and private sectors in corporate and policy communications and government affairs, with strong media relationships and a flair for storytelling, crafting compelling messaging and narratives. You should have experience in taking a data driven approach and distilling insights to develop and drive strategic communications campaigns and respond to communications challenges at scale and speed across multiple channels as well as have a good understanding to navigate business and geopolitical issues and country-specific contexts.
Account Manager, Digital Industry Singapore (DISG) DISG Permanent, Full-time
About DISG The Digital Industry Singapore (DISG) office is a joint office comprising officers from EDB, ESG and IMDA. DISG will drive job creation, capability building, enterprise development and internationalization across key local and international digital enterprises. The role of DISG will be to oversee Singapore’s efforts in industrializing digital, which is the building up of supply-side companies in the digital industry vertical. The work of digitalizing industries will be driven by the respective sector leads as part of the Industry Digitalization Plans.
Executive, Finance Finance, Risk Assurance and Procurement Permanent, Full-time
EDB’s Finance division is an imperative business partner to our officers in the accounts and policy groups.
Account Manager, Energy & Resources Energy & Resources Permanent, Full-time
About Energy & Resources The E&R team spearheads Singapore’s industry development strategy across the energy value chain, including upstream and downstream oil & gas, as well as renewables. The team works with leading global energy, storage & drilling companies to develop and implement strategies in their pursuit of new business opportunities in Singapore for the region and/or globally. We work closely with various teams in EDB and external stakeholders to provide solutions to secure foreign direct investments. We continuously build networks across the sector and with the larger business community/ ecosystem.
Research Analyst (Senior Associate/Manager, Corporate Records and Information Services) Corporate Records & Information Services Permanent, Full-time
The Corporate Records and Information Services (CRIS) team governs and manages the corporate records and provide information reference services to EDB. We are looking for a Senior Associate/Manager to join the information reference services team. The official title for this role would be Senior Associate/Manager, Corporate Records and Information Services.
Senior Associate / Manager, Business Environment Business Environment Permanent, Full-time, Permanent
The Business Environment (BE) Division plays an instrumental role in supporting EDB’s role in planning and executing policies that enhance Singapore’s position as a global centre for business, innovation and talent. In this role, you will have the opportunity to engage with the business community, and work with various government agencies and internal divisions to develop incentive products, policy governance and competitiveness monitoring, and business process re-engineering and systems development.
E Pfiles Document Scanning Officer (6+6 months contract) Human Resources & Org Development Contract, Full-time
The incumbent will be responsible to scan documents and ensure the quality of the documents are in order.
Associate Programme 2022 Associate Programme Contract, Full-time
EDB’s Associate Programme is a 1-year programme designed to prepare graduates for success. In EDB, we thrive on impactful, challenging work. Our work is complex, and we understand the learning curve fresh graduates face joining us on their first day. Through the Associate Programme, you will gain the skills and confidence to commence a fulfilling journey of continuous discovery and value creation in EDB.
Senior Associate / Manager, Strategic Planning Strategic Planning Permanent, Full-time, Permanent
The Strategic Planning team takes a long-range, big picture perspective to assess Singapore’s competitiveness and EDB’s operating model in light of domestic pressures and global trends. We help to drive strategic coherence across the organization, while sparking new forms of strategic thinking that can enable EDB to better achieve its mission. We are looking for a Senior Associate / Manager to join our team to lead key SP work streams that cover Futures, Competition, and Strategy.
Manager, Strategy (Mobility) (1 year contract) Mobility Contract, Full-time
Technological advancements have disrupted the way people and goods move from one place to another whether through the land, air or sea. EDB’s Mobility Division was formed in 2018 to make sense of the disruptions affecting mobility, in order to position Singapore for growth opportunities arising from these disruptions, including autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles and urban air mobility. As part of the team, you will find yourself at the forefront of shaping Singapore’s emerging Mobility ecosystem, as you contribute to the building of Singapore’s economic success. This is an individual contributor role. You will report to Vice President and Head of Strategy (Mobility).
Senior Associate, Central Covid-19 Operations (1 year contract) Central Covid-19 Operations Contract, Full-time, Contract
The CCO team in EDB is responsible for coordinating EDB’s response to COVID-19 related issues in the industry sectors that EDB oversees, such as Marine and Process, Semiconductors, Healthcare, etc. You will work closely with colleagues in EDB (e.g. Accounts Group, Human Capital Division) and officers from other government agencies.
Senior Associate / Manager, Client Engagement (Sales) Investment Facilitation Permanent, Full-time, Permanent
We are looking for a customer-centric Senior Associate/ Manager, Client Engagement officer, to provide EDB’s Americas clients with a positive investor experience. This candidate must have the curiosity and learning mind-set in building up knowledge on Singapore’s business environment and industry sectors, to effectively converse and engage with company executives.
Project Officer, Central COVID-19 Operations (Swab Ops and Enquiry) (1 year contract) Central Covid-19 Operations Contract, Full-time
The CCO team in EDB is responsible for coordinating EDB’s response to COVID-19 related issues in the industry sectors that EDB oversees, such as Marine and Process, Semiconductors, Healthcare, etc. You will work closely with colleagues in EDB (e.g. Accounts Group and Human Capital Division) and officers from other government agencies, and will report to the Vice President, CCO.
Senior Associate/ Manager, Customer Experience and Marketing (Content Marketing) Customer Experience & Marketing Permanent, Full-time
The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), a government agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry, is responsible for strategies that enhance Singapore’s position as a global centre for business, innovation, and talent. We undertake investment promotion and industry development, and work with international businesses, both foreign and local, by providing information, connection to partners and access to government incentives for their investments. Our mission is to create sustainable economic growth, with vibrant business and good job opportunities for Singapore. For more information on EDB, please visit www.edb.gov.sg
Software Engineer (Full Stack Developer), Information Technology (1+1 year contract) Information Technology Contract, Full-time, Contract
About the Information Technology Division Be part of the lead government agency that shapes Singapore’s economic growth and charts the development of our diverse industries. You will be part of the Digital Transformation Office to develop innovative digital products to drive and support our digital transformation.

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